Scicc New Year Greetings Recognizing The Work Of Sherwin Pomeranz And Edi

We are pleased to welcome the New Year with a profile of a pioneer in establishing Israel in the world marketplace. Sherwin Pomeranz is founder of the EDI which has helped and continues to be a leader in helping Israeli and American businesses connect to other countries in the Middle East Region.

Sherwin is a native New Yorker and industrial engineer who lived and worked in Chicago for 20 years before coming to Israel in 1984. He has advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and business. Sherwin continues to serve as founder of EDI Ltd, the Jerusalem-based economic development consulting firm which, he founded almost 30 years ago. In addition to his work in the Middle East, Sherwin has represented the regional trade and investment interests of Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio and Virginia), Cedar Park, Texas, Invest Hong Kong and the Ukraine Export Promotion Agency

Sherwin is a past national president of the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel, Chairperson of the Israel Board of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and a Board Member of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce. His articles are featured regularly in in various publications in Israel and the US.

The Abraham accords now provide new opportunities for introducing Israeli technology and identifying joint venture partners in countries in UAE, Bahrain and Morocco. EDI has existing business networks in those countries and in addition to its work in Israel it has been engaging in business ventures with Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, UAE and the Persian Gulf for many years.

 EDI provides their clients and their affiliated companies and organizations with a customized, comprehensive range of services in Israel and in the Middle East Region including:

  • Market research
  • Identifying potential distributors for specific products and services
  • Sourcing of products
  • Providing information on public tenders
  • Seeking and evaluating local joint venture partners
  • Structuring special-interest business missions for individuals
  •  development of feasibility studies and tailored research reports,

Its most important work which, now enhanced with the formal opening of new Middle East markets through the Abraham Accords, is identification of potential joint venture partners.

The EDI team is made up of economic, research, trade development and planning professionals, most of whom trained in the US and who understand the nuances and business climates in North America, Israel and the surrounding region which is critical for potential joint ventures for commercial clients. EDI also develops, markets, and organizes seminars and conferences on a variety of issues generally related to business and management and in particular on topics related to doing business abroad.

EDI is also co-founder and the headquarters of IBG Global LLC, an international business group with offices in 21 world capitals dedicated to assisting companies and governments to do business worldwide. We congratulate Sherwin and EDI on their pioneering work. For more information contact:

Atid EDI Ltd
POB 45005, 3 HaMarpe St., 2nd Fl., Har Hotzvim
Jerusalem 91450
Tel. 972-2-571-0199, Fax. 972-2-571-0713