June 29th. Meet Ambassador IDO AHARONI

Please join June 29, 10am ET

Ambassador IDO AHARONI highlights next AFKMC “Israel’s Heroes” Zoom Event … along with our own Jerome Baxley!

Dear AFKMC leaders and friends.

If your schedule is open, or you can make it open, please join us for our AFKMC national Zoom event, and please share with a friend or two in your network, who is also a Lover of Israel:

E-invite & Press Release attached - We NEED your participation and assistance in sharing.

Not only will you enjoy a unique conversation with wonderful people, learn and understand more about our connections, but it is an easy and active way to fulfill our mission of building a stronger bond with Israel.

Register: https://afkmc.org/2020-virtual-program.php

AFKMC's "Israel's Heroes" Zoom Event June 29, 2020, 10am ET; 5pm - Live from Israel!

  • a National Zoom, directed to "Lovers of Israel."
  • Meet Ambassador Ido Aharoni - Israel's Branding Expert
    • find out the story behind why Israel is now recognized as "Start-Up Nation"
    •  learn of his involvement with the "Genius 100 Visions" Project - 100 world renowned VIP's dealing with critical world issues, and his other projects.
  • Meet Sherwin Pomerantz - key expert behind economic relationships between US states and Israel.

... and to wrap up,

  • Show your support for our own AFKMC national leader Jerome Baxley, & with young adult Adeline Smidt, learn of Christian Evangelicals whose love for Israel brings them to volunteer at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

Best Jacob and Jason,

Co-Chairs www.SCICC.biz