Register for the May 13th event with Consul General (Hillel Newman)

Join us on Wednesday, May 13th at 11am PST, for a livestream discussion with Consul General of Israel, Dr. Hillel Newman. This livestream is part of an ongoing digital series between the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall and the World Trade Center Los Angeles. 

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Consul General Newman will overview the unique aspects of Israel’s coronavirus response, and in particular, he will cover how Israel is focusing on technological solutions to mitigate this global crisis. The conversation will also broaden to address larger questions about the global economic outcomes of the pandemic, and how Israel is beginning to shift towards preparing for such impacts. Finally, the discussion will dive into what the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles is doing during these transitionary times, and in particular, how Israel and California are cooperating to tackle pressing challenges, like water technology. Dr. Hillel Newman assumed the post of Consul General of Israel in July 2019, where he serves as the senior representative of the State of Israel to the Pacific Southwest. During his twenty-year diplomatic service, Consul General Newman accumulated vast experience in policy formulation and decision-making at the highest levels of Israel's foreign policy establishment. He has served in several influential and critical positions including Policy Advisor to three Foreign Ministers of Israel and Ambassador of Israel to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Stephen Cheung (moderator) is the Executive Vice President of LAEDC and the President of World Trade Center Los Angeles (WTCLA).

Consul General Newman will be taking questions from livestream participants during our audience Q&A. Registration is limited!

Best, Jacob and Jason