Chameleon Associates LLC is the organizer of the Behind the Scenes Seminar of Israel Security, an exclusive and up-close look at terrorist mitigation methods and technologies used all over Israel, offering a unique chance to speak to Israeli directors of security at the highest levels, behind the scenes. Sponsors of the Chameleon Seminar include the Government of Israel Economic Mission and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute. The Southern California Israel Chamber of Commerce has been a long time supporter and sponsor of such Chameleon training and events, with a common goal of building business relationships between here and Israel. Sites on the Seminar Agenda include:
  • Ben Gurion Airport
  • Ashdod Power Plant
  • Karni Border Crossing
  • Rambam Hospital
  • Malcha Mall
  • Knesset
  • Central Bus Station
  • Israeli Shooting Techniques
  • Security Fence
  • Temple Mount, Wailing Wall and Al Aqsa Mosque
  • Hashalom Rail Station
  • Demo Explosive Detection Canines
  • Lebanese Border and Golan Heights

Attendees included over 30 security professionals from both public and private sectors of the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Kenya and Singapore met with high ranking Israeli security directors of ports, shopping centers, border crossings, utility infrastructures, and government facilities to learn more about the applied concepts, methods and technology used to deter acts of terrorism.

What the Participants are Saying

>> This tour is truly exemplary in terms of the 'behind the scenes' access to Israeli security managers and the facilities they protect. Organized to include a wide diversity of major critical infrastructure in a rapid pace format, the tour provided a broad and in-depth perspective of Israeli security concepts, practices, and planned evolution. The planned limited number of participants--representing many countries and security roles--facilitated a seminar learning environment with both formal briefings and tours of physical facilities. I recommend it highly for any who want to know how Israeli security arrangements really work and what is transferable to other countries.
Asst Director Office of HLS, U.S. Govt Accountability Office

>> Anyone who has the responsibility for physical security should attend this seminar. I have served over 20 years in the New York City Police Department and currently serve as Security Director for a major New York City bank. This is without question the most insightful and informative security training available, with access to, and lectures by those at the highest levels of Israeli government and critical infrastructure facilities. The techniques and methods gleaned by attending Chameleons “Behind the Scenes” training will greatly improve your ability to protect those whose safety you are responsible for.

Director of Security – IDB Bank

>> The Behind the Scenes" seminar is by far the best educational tour that I have been on in my 30 plus years of US government and private sector service. It is a must for any security professional. I will highly recommend it.
Vice President of HLS, Alutiiq, LLC

>> I was a bit skeptical. So was my boss who paid the bill. But the Behind the Scenes Security Tour was worth every penny. I came away with many new ideas. I teach homeland security at the graduate level, and I revised the curriculum I teach all the way home on the plane.
Dr Dave McIntyre, Co-host of the public radio program "Homeland Security Inside and Out"

I lived and worked in Israel for two years. I have been in and out of Israel yearly for the past twenty years. I thought I had seen it all. I was wrong. Chameleon took me to places and gave me insights into the Israel security scene that were new to me and will make mebetter at my job. The things I learned would be a bargain even at a higher price.
Director Security Intl Areas, Church of the Latter-Day Saints Security Department

A Technology Showcase was held at the Tel Aviv Hilton, and presented an opportunity for a variety of Israeli companies representing the security technologies sector to discuss latest developments, to show their products and services, and explain their use in an Israeli context. Participating companies included:

  • Magal Security Systems
  • Netline
  • Technological and Operational Proficiency
  • Global Security
  • HyDefense (Rabintex)
  • Escape Rescure System
  • SDT

One notable highlight of the Seminar was a lovely formal dinner held for the Tour Attendees, hosted by the U.S. Ambassador Jones at his private residence in Herzliya.

The next Behind the Scenes Israel Security Seminar is slated for October 13 – 20, 2007. For detailed itinerary and registration information, please link to


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