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SCICC Membership

Members Benefits

Becoming a member of the Southern California Israel Chamber of Commerce is an excellent and cost-effective way to get the networking and exposure you need for your business to generate more revenue and supports SCICC's mission to promote business relations between Israel and Southern California. The SCICC offers several packages to answer your exact needs. Click here to join now and support the SCICC in promoting Israeli businesses!

What does the SCICC offer?

  • Creates a network and establishes alliances between Southern Californian and Israeli companies, business leaders and government officials;
  • Hosts events featuring distinguished speakers from the American and Israeli economic, business and political arenas;
  • Hosts focused seminars on issues specifically affecting your business;
  • Facilitates one-on-one meetings for potential trade and investment partners;
  • Organizes Bi-national trade missions and industry-specific business exchanges;
  • Answers direct inquiries and requests for information and offers referrals;
  • Facilitates strategic alliances, technology transfers, trade links and joint ventures between Southern Californian and Israeli Companies.
Why should you join the SCICC?
  • Strategic Marketing through exposure on the SCICC website, on promotional material and at events;
  • Networking through introductions to key business and political leaders and access to Chamber members;
  • Business Development through identification of emerging technologies;
  • International Growth through preliminary screening and evaluation of potential joint venture partners, products and technologies and information on issues of relevance to bi-national trade;
  • Cultural awareness and counseling on conducting business in Israel;
  • Corporate Entertainment through privileges at Chamber events;
  • Industry specific business exchanges/ trade missions;
  • Educational programs, seminars and conferences.
Click here to join now!

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