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November 2009 business offers from FICC in Israel


Contact Person:          Ms.  Lea Levy

Address:                      P.O.Box 13295, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-3- 6446011

Fax:                             972-3- 6446205



Year of Establishment:  2007


Description of offer:  We are looking for an agent/distributor of very special religious items for Christians for one of our clients.

Target Countries:        USA: Alabama, MISS, Georgia, New York.

Company Name:        CAMERAS ONSITE


Contact Person:          Mr. Shay Amira

Address:                      36 Negba St., Ramat Gan 52337

Telephone No.:           972-50-2345611

Fax No.:                      972-50-2345611



Year of Establishment:  2007

No. of Employees:      1-10

Summary of offer:    Portable Security Cameras - Looking for a representative/ agent for promoting our products

Description of offer:  The CAM-V is designed to meet the rigors from a cold day in Montana to a hot humid day in Texas. The CAM-V has helped our construction clients successfully, protecting their heavy equipment and building materials.

Cameras Onsite is your solution to your security needs with more possibilities.

Target Countries:        European Countries.

Company Name:        H. SABAN LTD.                   

Contact Person:          Ms. Vered Idelson

Address:                      P.O.Box 122, Hod Hasharon 45101, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-9-7602010

Fax:                             972-77-7773321


Year of Establishment:  1994

No. of Employees:      20

Summary of offer:    Import of Cement

Description of offer:  Our company deals with marketing of building materials. Currently, we are interested in importing cement to Israel.

Target Countries:         All countries.

Company Name:        DS CONSTRUCTIONS LTD.                      

Contact Person:          Mr. Itay Moskovitch

Address:                      35 Tsharnihovsky St., Starco Building, Haifa, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-52-4825071

Fax:                             972-4-6371199



Year of Establishment:  1990

No. of Employees:      9

Summary of offer:    Grating made of composite material

Description of offer:  Our composite drainage-grating is the best alternative for the old cast iron ones. The product adheres to the highest European standards and has many advantages:

The material is non-recyclable, the weight is lighter than the regular iron product and it is possible to produce the product in a variety of colors.

We can also manufacture manhole covers and special-size grating by special order.

Target Countries:         All countries.

Company Name:        AYELET SHANY – Jewelry Designer                    

Contact Person:          Ms. Ayelet Shany

Address:                      42 Haaliya Hashniya St., Hertzliya 46320, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-54-7528688

Fax:                             972-9-9577398



Year of Establishment:  2005

Summary of offer:    Export of Jewelry

Description of offer:  I offer hand made high quality jewellery: silver, gold and combinations of the two.

Target Countries:         All countries.

Company Name:        M.D Technical  Plastic Industries


Contact Person:          Mr. Oz Midyan

Address:                      P.O.Box 1592, Kiryat Bialik, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-4-9853368

Fax No.:                      972-4-9853369



Year of Establishment:  2004 (1984 under different name)

No. of Employees:      30+

Summary of offer:    Aquaculture and water treatment projects: designing, manufacturing and constructing.

Description of offer:  M.D is a leading company in the field of Aquaculture and water treatment, including the designing, manufacturing, constructing and guiding of projects.

M.D has the ability to manage “Turn-Key” Aquaculture and water treatment projects anywhere around the globe.

M.D plastic industries is a well-known manufacturing factory and project management company in Israel.

M.D’s production line manufactures state of the art plastic and fiber-glass products, which are approved by the highest standards and regulations including ISO 9001.

Our projects department manages Aquaculture and water treatment projects in Israel and abroad.

Our team of biologists and engineers offer a complete “turn key” project from designing and manufacturing to on-field installation.

We also offer technical and biological guidance and support at all stages of the project.

Target Countries:        All countries.

Company Name:        Herbaderm Natural Products Ltd.


Contact Person:          Mr.  Meir Saig, CEO

Address:                      17 Havradim St., Givataim 53401, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-3-7315030

Fax No.:                      972-3-7315090


Website:              /

Year of Establishment:  1991

No. of Employees:      9

Summary of offer:    Natural Based Lip Balms and Healthcare Products

Description of offer:  Israeli company producing natural based lip balms and cosmetic products. The products are unique, based on a high concentration of natural plant extracts. All the products are already registered in the EU as cosmetics approved by the EU regulations. More information is available on our websites.

Target Countries:        European countries.

Company Name:        EVOLON LTD.


Contact Person:          Ms. Vlada Zalessky

Address:                      4 Ha’Atzmaut St., Ashdod 77452, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-8-8540646

Fax No.:                      972-8-8677338



Year of Establishment:  1998

No. of Employees:      8

Summary of offer:    Innovative Equipment and Range of High-Quality Dental Materials for manufacturing a new generation of Cosmetic Prostheses

Description of offer:  Looking for reputed buyers and importers.

EVOLON Ltd. manufactures and markets the most advanced Injection Molding System for precise production of cosmetic prostheses, comprising the EVOX V8 pressure injection machine, a range of high-quality thermoplastic materials including flexi N512, acry F711, ace Q59, and a complete set of supplementary materials.

 EVOLON develops advanced technological solutions and material which meet all professional requirements. Our technologies and products are examined by top experts. All EVOLON’s improvements are the result of a combination between market needs, expert’s feedback and exclusive capabilities of our development team.

Target Countries:        France, Britain, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus,  Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgariaץ

Company Name:        UNIQUE


Contact Person:          Ms.  Inci Fresko

Address:                      302 Hatzav St., Beit-Arie 71947, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-54-4796408



Year of Establishment:  2005

No. of Employees:      1-10

Summary of offer:    Import of Mineral Color Cosmetics

Description of offer:  Looking for 100% natural, mineral color cosmetics from private labeling company with GMP certification (or other equal).

Target Countries:        USA, Canada, Australia.

Company Name:        AVIV BUSINESS CONSULTING LTD.      

Contact Person:          Mr.  Nitzan Erlich / Mr. Yaniv Cohen

Address:                      POB 927, Shoham 60850, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-3-9730755

Fax:                             972-3-9711962

E-Mail:                 /


Year of Establishment:  1987

No. of Employees:      13


Description of offer:  Aviv Consulting Ltd specializes in finding financial resources for businesses from private and government funds, preparing business plans and accompanying a wide variety of businesses.

Our services include:

-           Trade & Project Finance

-           Forfeiting  of Promissory Notes

-           Security Bond

-           Account Receivables Securitization

Target Countries:        USA, Europe, South Africa.

Company Name:        PIANO HOUSE         

Contact Person:          Mr.  Robert Gluck

Address:                      99 Allenby St., Tel-Aviv 65134, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-3-5663023, 972-3-5664616

Fax:                             972-3-5664530



Year of Establishment:  1965

No. of Employees:      8

Summary of offer:    IMPORT OF PIANOS

Description of offer:  Our company imports and distributes musical instruments.

We are looking to import second-hand fully reconditioned pianos, uprights and grand pianos, preferably Japanese or German Products.

Target Countries:        Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong.

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