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Chapman University’s California Dreamin’ Entrepreneurial Conference and Competition draws 30 universities from across the nation
Chapman University’s California Dreamin’ Entrepreneurial Conference and Competition draws 30 universities from across the nation University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, U.C. San Diego, and Loyola Marymount University take top prizes by SHERI LEDBETTER on APRIL 27, 2016 · LEAVE A COMMENT Chapman University’s California Dreamin’ competition just completed its fourth year bringing together students from top entrepreneur programs to prove that they have the best business plan. The invitation only event took place over two days on April 22 and 23. The competition had three tracks with the top three teams for each track walking away with prizes, as well as two honorable mentions, meaning some 15 schools had the opportunity to walk away with cash and other prizes. Teams competed for opportunities to partner with prestigious Angel Investor Groups, an appearance on a business television show, and a scholarship to Draper University, as well as the cash prizes and equity investment prizes. “Being a part of California Dreamin’ was an awesome opportunity for me to put into practice two key principles of being an entrepreneur; being resilient and adaptive,” said Alex Jekowsky, founder of Chapman’s team, Ulyngo, which placed second in the Business Narrative Competition. “What I most enjoyed was the privilege of meeting so many amazing founders from so many great colleges.” The California Dreamin’ competition is an entrepreneurially-focused higher education competition. Businesses presented vary widely in terms of product and service industry orientation. In most cases, the participating teams have already won the internal competition at their respective universities. Previous winners of California Dreamin’ have gone on to amass further success for their venture, and millions of dollars of investment. Finalist teams pitched businesses targeted at transportation and parking, construction, agriculture, rocket fuel, financial services technology, gaming, fitness, big data, and more. “We made a number of innovations in this year’s competition, such as the Jesse Draper Panel for Women Entrepreneurs, the interview with Eli Aizenstat of BeatShare (last year’s highly successful 2nd place winner) and Ken Hubbard’s ‘prequel,’ The Raise TV show,” said Shan Steinmark, Ph.D., director of Chapman University’s Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics and chair of California Dreamin’. “However, what was most inspiring was the continued high level of innovation, spirit of entrepreneurship and unmatched enthusiasm from our millennial student participants; they are helping to make the world a better place and we should all celebrate the students, their parents and their universities,” Steinmark continued. Below is the full list of winning universities and their business concepts: Investor Presentation: Entrants should be able to convince the judges, among other things, that a clear market opportunity exists for their product or service, and that the entrant has the necessary skills, services and strategy to maximize financial returns from that market opportunity. First Place: University Colorado, Colorado Springs – Lot Spot, Inc. Lot Spot, Inc. collects data pertaining to the inflow and outflow of cars in parking lots then properly organizes and displays that information to clients in an easy to read format. Lot Spot, Inc., walked away with: $70,000 investment from IOC Ventures $7,000 Draper University Scholarship Cable TV interview with EyeonBusiness $5,000 cash Second Place: U.S. Air Force Academy – Viper Irrigation Technology Viper Irrigation Technology is an irrigation technique that will enable farmers of high value crops to produce an annual crop with reduced water, fertilizer and pesticide inputs. Viper walked away with: $50,000 investment from IOC Ventures Cable TV interview with EyeonBusiness $3,000 cash Third Place: Brigham Young University – Iso Truss Industries Iso Truss Industries offers lightweight and efficient alternatives to traditional wood, steel, aluminum and composite structures to address global growth in cellular communication towers and power grids. Iso Truss Industries walked away with: $35,000 investment from IOC Ventures Cable TV interview with EyeonBusiness $2,000 cash Honorable Mention: Purdue University – Adranoes Energetics, LLC – $1,000 cash Adranoes Energetics, LLC has developed a new rocket fuel formulation called ALITEC that maximizes fuel efficiency and virtually eliminates highly toxic hydrochloric acid production. Honorable Mention; Chicago Booth University – Ascent Technologies – $1,000 Cash Ascent Technologies created a regulatory and compliance workflow platform to help financial service firms identify, track, manage and reports on the firm’s relevant compliance obligations. B'Shalom אם ישראל חי🇮🇱
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