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August 2009



Company Name:        DNA - Educational Games  

Contact Person:          Mr.  Hagai  Rom

Address:                      13 Hatsivoni St., Kfar Saba 44413, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-54-4543152



Year of Establishment:  10/2008

No. of Employees:      4


Description of offer:  We are looking for cooperation and/or joint venture and/or representation with:

           Mega-Churches and Christians organizations



           End Users

DNA-Educational Games is an Israel-based company ( Holy Land), specializing in the development and publishing of religion-themed educational games, suitable for Christians of all denominations.

All the games are in two languages: English and Spanish.


Target Countries:        All countries with Christian population.






Contact Person:          Mr. Lagismo Yirmy, Export & Import Manager

Address:                      20 Herzl St., Kiryat Shmonah, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-54-7693518

Fax No.:                      972-077-4508020

E-Mail:                /


Year of Establishment:  1/2009

Summary of offer:    Find potential buyers for various products, negotiations in various fields such as financial, logistics, documentations and cargo inspection.


Description of offer:  "LEGUIMATT CARGO" is an international commerce and trade agency, which focuses on representing Israeli and foreign companies.  It also focuses on buying/ selling and marketing a large range of products, as per clients’ demands.


All the games are in two languages: English and Spanish.


Target Countries:        All countries



Company Name:        PROFAL


Contact Person:          Mr. Oded Miron

Address:                      5 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-3-6129064

Fax No.:                      972-3-6129064 



Year of Establishment:  1957

No. of Employees:      100

Summary of offer:    Aluminum profile tailored made exactly to your needs in best quality and perfect making.


Description of offer:  One of the world's most modern aluminum profiles manufacturing factory is located in one of Israel's most beautiful locations, in the heart of the Galilee, a short distance from Tiberius.   

The family owned company was established in 1997, incorporates state of the art technology which allows it to manufacture aluminum profiles of the highest quality, with very low overheads, thanks to all production lines being robotic.  

Thus, Profal can be competitive in quality and in finish standards, as well as in prices.


The factory is equipped with two working extrusion presses (an 1800 ton press and a 3000 tone press), that are able to extrude sections up to 300 mm in width and 30 kg in weight.

We cast our own Billets using a variety of alloys, have our own Die making shop and are able to produce a new die in 48 hours .We also have a machinery department where we mill, punch, cut and add value to our extrusions. There is also a fully automatic Anodizing line.

Our extrusions are sold throughout Europe to a variety of industries, including the automotive, greenhouses, garage doors, solar energy, constructions, defense, electronic and many more.

We are ISO certified and keep a very high standard of quality and service.

We will be happy to receive your specific enquiry, and will send you our price quote soon after.


Potential Partner: Aluminum profile companies and representatives with access to distribution networks to the following fields:

  • Wholesaler dealers to the construction field.
  • System houses serving the construction area dealing with outdoor and indoor projects including windows doors, skylights, conservatories etc.
  • Greenhouses and hobby greenhouses.
  • Automotive/Transportation industry.
  • Electronic packaging.
  • Companies involved in high volume use of aluminum profiles for their own production.


Target Countries:        All countries.


Company Name:        Palboreg Federal ltd.           

Contact Person:          Mr. Lior Ishay

Address:                      20 Eliyahu Eitan St., P.O.B 5075, Rishon Le-Zion 75150, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-3-9516757

Fax:                             972-3-9516756



Year of Establishment:  1950   

No. of Employees:      44

Summary of offer:    Metal products: bolts, washers, nuts, screws, fasteners  

Looking for overseas customers


Description of offer:  Palboreg Federal specializes in metal products such as bolts, washers, nuts and many more in different kind of materials. Our company holds an inventory of 20,000 items in stock.


The customers we approach to are production companies and usually in the field of electronics - companies which supply OEM services and turn-key solutions of engineering, manufacturing and subcontracting services for other companies.

Other customers could be in the field of manufacturing industrial printing machines, production of electric motors accessories control and every other company which is interested in our products.


Target Countries:        Romania, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Ukraine, Argentina.


Company Name:        D.S CONSTRUCTIONS LTD.                     

Contact Person:          Mr. Dov Moskovitz

Address:                      35 Tchernichovsky St., Haifa 35709, Israel

Telephone No.:           972-4-6373333

Fax:                             972-4-6371199



Year of Establishment:  1991

No. of Employees:      9

Summary of offer:    Auxiliary building contractors


Description of offer:  Bridge and viaduct contractors, roofing contractors and other


Sport ground construction contractors, outdoor swimming pool construction and maintenance contractors.


Target Countries:  All countries.        

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