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Company Name: ZOI COM – MYFRENCHOFFICE Business Group
Contact Person: Ms. Eti Vidavski for Israel Ms. Anda Rezaioff for France
Address: 7 Shibolet Yahod, Israel Allée de l’abbé Guillot, 37270 AZAY SUR CHER, France
Telephone No.: 972-50-5257129 33-6-83839581
Fax: 972-3-6322533
Year of Establishment: 2000
No. of Employees: 6
Summary of offer: Facilitating trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli and French companies
Description  of offer: The Zoi-Com – Myfrenchoffice Group is a company  facilitating trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli and French companies, through business cooperation on all levels: technological, industrial and commercial.

The Zoi-Com – Myfrenchoffice Group introduces you with Israeli and French companies operating in your field of interest, and provides you with all the assistance and information on Israeli and French economy, development and market prospects you require in order to establish strong, long-term business contacts with leading trade companies in Israel and France. When you are seeking partners for trade, joint venture, or strategic alliance in both countries, our marketing experts will serve as your key to the target audiences that best meet your business objectives.

The Zoi-Com – Myfrenchoffice Group's business experts hold the information, the contacts, and the expertise to put you in touch with the right people at the right time and to help you making the right business transactions. Arranging a visit agenda to make your corporate trip or private visit as effective as possible. Scheduling quality one-on-one business meetings in Israel and in France. Bringing your next business partner to you through corporate delegations, Israeli and French pavilions at international trade fairs. Introducing you to Israel’s and French's decision - makers in economic organizations, academia, and research institutions. Developing your contacts, sales partnerships and distributions channels, management services, consulting services, market research and negotiations.
Activity: Internationals Business Development
Target Countries: France + Israel

Company Name: Steel Rolling Corporation Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms. Gila David
Address: P.O. Box 179,
Telephone No.: 972-50-5553571
Fax: 972-4-8211005
Web site:
Year of Establishment: 1978
Description of offer: Insulating panels production
Compressed Rock Wool
Target Countries: All Countries

Company Name: A-EKHA Trade & Marketing Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Emmad Kharman
Address: P.O Box 268,
Isfia 30090,
Telephone No.: 972-4-9968886
Fax: 972-4-9968887
Web site:
Year of Establishment: 1990
Summary of offer Sell and repair hydraulic breakers, new and second hand.
Description of offer: The company specializes in the import and marketing of all types of breakers, for rich breaking and other uses. It also offers repair services and the supply of spare parts.

A-EKHA – Trade & Marketing Ltd. employs a team of highly trained professionals, with decades of experience in servicing hydraulic breakers. The staff has vast knowledge in the field, and is highly familiar with the wide range of products available. The company offers to sell spare parts for hydraulic beakers, second hand breakers and seel keets for all kinds of breakers.
Target Countries: USA and

Company Name: Rot International Trading Company
Contact Person: Mr. Yoel Rotfeld
Telephone No.: 972-50-7606320
Fax: 972-9-9565126
Summary of offer Poultry Houses
Description of offer:
  • Tunnel ventilated pullet houses
  • Broiler houses with curtains and combined ventilation
  • Broiler houses with shutters and combined ventilation
  • Breeding houses
  • Layer houses
Target Countries: All Countries

Company Name: Rot International Trading Company
Contact Person: Mr. Yoel Rotfeld
Telephone No.: 972-50-7606320
Fax: 972-9-9565126
Summary of offer A perfect gift for Xmas and the holiday season.
Description of offer: Changeable Colors Solar Lamps
  • No electricity needed
  • Green Product
  • Can be used in the garden, balcony or window box
  • Comes in different shapes: Butterfly, Moon, Star or Dragonfly
  • 2 lamps in one package
  • Recharged in the sun and lights automatically at night
  • Provides soft light and pleasant atmosphere
  • 8 hours of light after full recharge
  • LED light bulb that changes colors (yellow, red, blue, green & purple)
Target Countries: All Countries

Company Name: Tshuva Investigations
Contact Person: Mr. Nissim Tshuva
Address: 6 Halechi St., Or-Ehuda, 60200,
Telephone No.: 972-3-6343714
Fax: 972-3- 5331306
Year of Establishment: 1989
No. of Employees: 20
Summary of offer Investigation services in Israel.
Description of offer: Investigation Department:
  • Privet investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Economic investigations
  • Marital investigations
  1. economic information
  2. surveillance after partners
  3. private surveillance
  4. locating owners
  5. industrial espionage
Target Countries: All Countries

Company Name: TechnoMaster ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Gidi Jalon
Address: 3/C Kehilat Zitomir St.
Tel-Aviv 69405,
Telephone No.: 972-3-6486483
Fax No.: 972-3-6486483
Summary of offer: Chemical raw materials for Israel
Description of Offer: TechnoMaster ltd. Is a dynamic company specializing in sourcing raw materials and innovative technologies for Israeli industries would like to expand its overseas contacts and is looking for products suitable for the following industries:  Plastics, Detergents, Toiletry and Cosmetics, Paints, Printing inks, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Candle, Paper, Tobacco, Food. 
Activity: Agency / Distributors
Target Countries: UK,

Company Name: Life Saving Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Nati Sobovitz
Address P.O. Box: 3053
Ra'anana 43654
Telephone No.: 972-54-8008089
Fax No.: 972-9-7941682
Web Site:
Year of Establishment: 2007
No. of Employees:  4
Summary of offer: Joint venture for R&D and marketing in high rise buildings worldwide
    Description of Offer: The Evac–U-Pod Private Family Rescue Vehicle is an advanced rescue concept for high-rise buildings that enables rapid and effective self-evacuation of the building's tenants from any floor (no matter how high), delivering them safely to the ground.

The Evac–U-Pod system adopts a totally new approach and provides a unique technological solution that takes into consideration the real needs of people and their physical and psychological limitations during Emergencies.
Potential Partner: Elevator companies, Real estate developers, Constructers.
Activity: Joint venture
Target Countries: USA,
Western Europe,
South Africa

Company Name: Meyrav oz
Contact Person: Ms. Meyrav oz
Address: 12  Kiryat Yosef, Givataeem
Telephone No.: 972-54-4404439
Fax No.:
Web Site
Summary of offer: International Business opportunity
Description of Offer: New technology of gel suspension, taken instead of peals. This new technology can provide a healthy living hand in hand with a great business offer that can be explored professionally through my sight.
Potential Partner: Individuals who want to lead and live well. Go beyond.
Activity: MLM offer. Inviting people to see this great opportunity.
Target Countries: World wide

Company Name: Vachdi – Dynes, Law Office
Contact Person: Mr. Vachdi Mordechai, Adv.
Address: 10 Karlibach,
POB 51903, Tel–Aviv,
Telephone No.: 972-3-5614186
Fax No.: 972-3-5614195
Year of Establishment: 2005
Summary of offer: Legal and Business Services
Description of Offer: Vd – LAW proposes throughout debt recovery and debt collection services In Israel.

Vd – LAW main expertise is professionally addressing the problem starting from the pretrial stage up until execution in practice if one is necessary.

Vd – LAW's services are performed by qualified and experienced employees specializing in the art of implementing the right psychological and legal instruments ensuring satisfactory recovery.
Your consideration of our request is highly anticipated as we look forward to your prompt response.
Potential Partner: Law Firms from abroad.
Target Countries: World Wide

Company Name: Alexa Software Services (a UNIT GROUP company)
Contact Person: Mr. Adam Beck, CEO
Address: 23 Efal St.,
Petach Tikva,
Telephone No.: 972-3-9232481
Fax No.: 972-3-9232481
Web Site
Year of Establishment: 2006
No. of Employees: 70
Summary of offer: Alexa Software Services offers offshore development services, establishing R&D Centers in Israel using BOT model and IT services.
Description of Offer: Since 2006 Alexa Software Services successfully acting as leading Israeli Offshore Software Development and Maintenance center, delivering high quality software development services to customers worldwide.

Alexa had won contracts in the amount of millions of USD. The company clients are large enterprises such as Amdocs, First International Bank, and Sandisk. Alexa is also providing subcontracting services to several leading ISVs worldwide. Together, we take significant part in large international projects for Fortune 500 organizations such as Sony, Microsoft, Kodak and Cisco.

Alexa offers a wide range of solutions and solutions:
* Functional outsourcing of the software development activities by setting up and operating Offshore Development Centers (ODC) on a long term basis.
* Assisting to international organizations interested in establishing their R&D activities in Israel in the field of hi-tech and IT. This includes planning, logistic services, personnel hiring, etc. Some of these projects are done using BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model.
* Providing remote IT services such as software development, information security, tech support, SEO, content management, hosting.
* NearShore services - placing skilled Israeli IT experts within time limited international projects (up to 12 months) on customer site. Most of Alexa's experts are speaking native languages and some of them holding valid work permit or double citizenship. Alexa's international clients are already enjoying of highly skilled Israeli human capital, workforce stability, professionalism and rates, which are competitive even to India.
Potential Partner: Software Houses, ISVs, IT services vendors.
Activity: Services (Software and IT)
Target Countries: USA,
Western Europe,

Company Name: The National Security Unit
Contact Person: Mr. Tamir Lafer
Address: 47Hahistadrut Blv. P.O
Box 26106,
Telephone No.: 972-4-8402061
Fax: 972-4-8402069
Web site:
Year of Establishment: 1985
No. of Employees: 15
Summary of offer: Training ,development and consultancy services in a wide area of security. 
Description  of offer: The company is currently seeking to establish contacts in the UK in order to share their knowledge, skills and expertise in the realm of security, salvation and emergency training, dealing with challenging minorities, area security and prevention security.
Activity: The company employs a wide experts form a wide security sectors. They have a profound recourses, knowledge and experience in training and consulting.
Target Countries: U.K ,
Far East
and USA

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