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Overview of U.S. and Israeli personal income tax and estate tax


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Help-wanted advertisements: total and hi-tech, 2006-December 2008
Consumer Confidence Index, 2003-November 2008
Foreign trade, 2006-August 2008
Foreign trade should be experiencing some major changes at present, firstly as a result of exchange rate developments the strengthening of the shekel against most major currencies and secondly, as a result of the global slowdown together with parallel initial signs of a slowdown in Israel.
Prices of owned apartments, by region, 2006 increase
While the economy continues to expand (for more than three years now), construction and real estate continue to resist revival.
2006 has turned out a remarkable year, from the point of view of the economy. GDP growth remained high at 5% (compared to 5.2% in 2005), showing that the July-August war had little effect on economic performance. Israel's balance of payments registered its fourth annual surplus, with the surplus reaching an estimated $7.3 billion, almost double the 2005 surplus
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